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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  February 28, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>> we have had major problems with that problem on 28 for a that was completely shut down but once the chp clear did they manage to get it cleared and the traffic has quickly turned to normal. kron4 will tran is on highway 24. >> how is it looking? >> i can come from what george said. it is plenty of room, it is now bumper to bumper. the chp, thought of that discretion would last longer but not so. there are just as you cars per it i will show you the video of this accident at 5 6:10 a.m.. a car wasn't disabled,
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a cboe driver. and they are not sure if she had heard tell lies on i. in a car came along, slammed into her, she died. the driver of card number to have minor injuries and initially this shutdown all these lanes near children's hospital. they opened up one lane, line number for that about 6:15 a.m. all delays road of. as far as the calls, they're not sure if it was the or weather conditions. they stated that if this turns out to be the case. >> right now, the rain is moderate. but as sometimes, it is just a downpour. >> we have flooded in the south bay that is tied up traffic. bart is still
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operating under a major delays. it is about 30 minutes. they're having to operate a medical mode. the >> less the check of the weather. >> down on right the downpours are what we saw earlier and it looks like heavy iran is warrantable along the coastline. he should keep in mind the orientation of the system. this shows the area of yellow. moderate raids is impacting the san matte drier we livermore valley and we have heavier rain for oakland heading over to the bay bridge toll plaza. in the south, where pick it up heavy rain in downtown san jose. light rain for what one, 92 and we do have heavy
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iran breeching the coastline.rain approaching. a a, we will continue with periods of heavy rains throughout the morning and strong wind, a high wind advisor is an affect. 60 mi. per hour winds. the wind advisor will expire at 10:00 a.m., the system will continue to back up as we head into the after note. flood advisory expires as 7:30 a.m. and a slight chance of thunderstorms later on. i will have full details of what this will bring for the weekend coming up. >> the time is 7:03 a.m.. we will continue our team coverage of the rain this one would mike pelton who is live in san jose. >> you can see a deep pond of water on santa clara street. authorities have
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close down the street near stockton ave. they tell me that the problem is that an old, by the tunnel is now pumping the water fast enough because it is old and cannot handle this much water. you can see, a crew member is here. he is also looking into is there any possible leaks. at this point they're trying to figure out exactly how that will clear this water. it does look like this water has subsided. before 4:00 a.m., this cost a lot of problems. take a look at these pictures. >> police and fire crews responding one driver was stuck and then officials stated that a second vehicle also tried to enter and they were stuck. they helped to get out the driver safely and the tow trucks did the rest. >> some people still believe
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they can get through the us but, this is a lesson to be learned that if you are coming into a situation where there is a lot of water, standing water, this is not a good idea to go through a. >> san jose police said that they had third incident with another driver getting stuck at coleman and taylor. again, you heard the officers' state not to try to enter this pond water. >> this water is still appears to be subsiding but is still remains closed. it appears that imitate them awhile to get this cleared. >> the thing is, when you see something like this you do not know how deep it is. >> you do not but authorities say that if you see upon water do not just take a guess, do not try to go through a. especially, if you're underneath like in this tunnel. this is a good indication that this is in
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good. >> in a situation like this do we just way out into the water goes up? >> yes, they have no indication but again the water seems to be leaving the public works crews are here and they stated the pompous old and is not working well. >. >> here in hayward, this is said about 5:30 a.m.. were they are experiencing rain. now, we're getting new video some trees that were down across the bay. this is video out of santa rosa. a tree fell right down awesome power lines and a transformer. it caught fire in one point. pg&e crews had to get in there to cut down the tree.
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>> we will be right back.
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but anyone can help a foster child. >> welcome back. we have flooding in the south bay. this is really messing up the traffic on the guadalupe
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parkway. both directions have lanes blocked. you concede that between the lane closures and the accidents that resulted, but north palm is backed up nearly to a highway 85. >> major delays for bart. here's a quick transit check. there are problems inside the trans bay to the. they stated that these problems are not weather- related. the there haven't operated manual mode so that means the delays of 20 to 30 minutes. >> let's take a live look at the snow in lake tahoe. showing you the great ski conditions. this is video courtesy of kirk wood mountain resort to print the area got a another 16 in. of new snow over the last 24 hours. the resort is expected another three to five more feet of snow before the end of the
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weekend. >> this is great news for tahoe. you just have to get there. >> you will have problems especially in the bay. we have flash flood warnings for san mateo and santa clara. we have heavy rain that is moving approach in daly city. i will have before detail of how long the downpours will last. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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>> the time is 7:14 a.m.. kron4 jackie sissel is live in san rafael. >> this time of day, this gray, what look, you can see what people are dealing with. still, the rain has let up but it is still so much standing water. the traffic is not too bed and as i stated the rain has let up but we are still saying as much water that we have seen there is a lot of water and obviously, george spoke
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about the accidents around the bay but we have not had any here in the north. you concede that the traffic is going slow. this is a great idea because it started about 10:00 p.m. and it has been pretty consistent there is a lot of cooling water. this is probably a good idea to take it slow this morning. >> so you have been traveling around marin county. i notice that the rain was high over night and marin county has all the power outages. >> the wind we experience, has a dissipated. but i have not seen in the well went until about 5:30 a.m. but since then it has died down. what all of this saturated ground. this is a combination when you see trees come down. >> jackie, here is one of
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the live crew is out. but we have crews all around the bay. the storm travels south to north. >> we still have flooding and accidents in san jose all on the guadalupe parkway where a special traffic advisory has been an affect of flooding, shutting down the south all lanes. also, the northbound side, there is an accident that is backing of the traffic to a highway 85, otherwise the traffic has not been out bridges. thankfully, this is a friday and typically we said a lighter load. this is however, a mud slide on niles canyon road that shut
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down the westbound lane or release blocked it. an earlier current problem on 680 south at the walnut creek interchange backed up the ride on 6/8 of all the way to martinez. it is a 27 minute drive time. >> there was a problem on city street right its civic drive and all of the traffic had to be diverted because of beit pedestrian and a bus. there are a lot of emergency vehicles and attendance. >> the bay bridge westbound had a wind advisory but it appears to not be as when the. the backup is still good reaches all the way to west grand boulevard. the san mateo bridge start with the wind advisor ray, the changeable message sign says high winds are still there. the traffic has now backed the but the speed is about 18 minutes. we have seen
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whether the richmond san rafael bridge. this is just beginning to back up in the westbound direction. we are experiencing major transit delays because they have a system wide delayed due to problems with equipment. they have to operator manual mode and because of that they may have delays up to 30 minutes. >> storm tracker 4 is showing heavy rain approaching the coast line impacting sampras's go in portions of san mattel. there is a slut advisory for the next 12 minutes. /a flood is a call for concern. heavy rain falling on highway 92 and it looks like iran is starting to
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light up through burlingame. this is a quick moving the sale.cell. daly city is now having problems. although we are sing dry weather in san leandro, heavy iran was sliding. the dry conditions for livermore but keep in mind the orientation, the heavy rain is moving from south to north. it will be visually and up in san ramon. >> light rain for most of the bay and light rain for highway 1 01 approaching the richmond san a fail. the flash flood advisory is in affect for the next five minutes. the critics may gacritics may get a lot war.
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should be careful by 3:00 p.m. r the coast and we continue to push the clock into motion just cloudy conditions in the evening commute should not be affected. what was said another wave of light rain for overnight and that will stretch into or early saturday morning. >> the seven day are from the bay shows the rain will not be as intense as what we are dealing with now impartial clearance for the next work week. a slight chance for rain, mostly partly cloudy skies. >> we have been talking about power outages. here is a look at some power outages around the bay. according to pg&e thousands are without power right now. in
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the north bay, 5200. in the south bay 630. in the east bay 620. in san francisco 109. >> the big nils or twister is the flash flood warnings. they just quitted that these flash flood warnings may go through 7:30 a.m. but they also stated that paula out to when the peninsula and parts of stamford are looking at quite a bit. this one was reported just east on state route 85. this is quite a bit for the peninsula happening now. >> the chp has been active
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this morning because of all the traffic accidents related. this is included in this traffic collision on highway 24. a lot of people are using hashtag. you can see people sharing images of what they are saying. check out this image of the water vapor that we saw this morning. this is pictures that we have received from different users. they are showing us the impact that the storms have rain. you concede that the roads are wet. this is of the satellite image that i am talking about. you can see the spiro to the left and that is a below that came
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through providing all of see the white is where the high moisture content is separate. >> the time is 7:23 a.m.. we will be right back.
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725 right now. let's track
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with the storm did as far as damage a round the bay. for 30 and the more they a tree comes down there ocean beach. crew started getting busy cutting that up trying to clear that. and then at the 5:00 hour we saw the rain coming down and the north ave. marin county to the some flooding near highway 101 and that even got worse with more rain. that's a spot that commuters in that area know to watch out for and then at 6:00, we got the shaft and from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news of the highway 24 accident. this is westbound where traffic a standstill because of a deadly accident on highway 24 in oakland and near 51st and look at the traffic that it cost within the within about an hour they had cleared so traffic quickly got a lot of better in that area. traffic still a problem because of the way
7:27 am
commute to will get some drive times in just a couple minutes. >>: check out kron4 dot com we have a special section dedicated to this storm. if you click on that you can see on weather and traffic reports. you could see the bay area radar grid also you can check out the current wind speeds as were expecting the winds to pick up as well. the time now 727 at the kron4 morning news continues after the break.
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729 and as we send the storm is causing problems. we have a new one popping up in san francisco. >>: we do an accident on the 280 extension and a cesar chavez. it's backed up the traffic past the one on one
7:30 am
interchange of the way back to monterey. so it's a real mess. of course we had the big crash in oakland earlier this morning. it claimed up pretty fast. in fact we've got kron4's will tran with us to talk about that. the accident was less 24 at the 580 interchange. a person was killed in that crash. >>: while the accident was cleared around 615 in the that is not the case for it we want to show you the crash and the caldecott tunnel. of those are cars and westbound on 24. and those are titillates. there's plenty of room between the cars. there's a strong down for coming down at this time so even though the accident cleared you will be seeing a lot of puddling on the roadways. if
7:31 am
you're getting up right now on highway 24 as you can see on the live shot things look pretty good out of the past 50 minister so an looks like it's getting a little bit closer with cars getting bumper-to-bumper traffic on shore over the next 15 or 20 minutes. >>: up and starting to see the commute build up. long before the level of traffic on the freeway as was normal. we do have some better news about another flooding problem which was in the names of the bay street we have lanes in both directions of the guadalupe parkway shut down and taylor
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streets. there were accidents and the northbound side as well. a flood is so bad that they have to close down lanes of all have been reopened. in a special traffic adviser has been lifted their at least. a look at your ride to the san mateo bridge were things have really bogged down. we've been and to that free so these are weather delays three to reduce visibility caused by the rain creek and a high wind advisory still in effect as we can make out on the changeable message sign to greet for large still having major problems with major delays systemwide 320 to 13 minutes. they've been having to operate in manual mode because of an equipment problem inside the trans they don't. with a flash flood of foreign aid has expired let's zoom in here around the bay area. we saw some cells containing heavy bursts of rain. and to the coastline. now it's crossing the bay. now where seen
7:33 am
heavy rain down for daly city. it stretches of toward highway 101 for your ride through san rafeal approaching sausalito. heavy rain right now downpours. as you cross the bay bridge spanned three also deal with heavy rain and east bay right now. keep in mind orientation of the system. rain approaches from the south and its way north east. thus far were starting to see heavy rain right now for portions of the east bay. although we are dealing with some very heavy downpour and san mateo. just 15 minutes ago her. that continue to receive looking to lay. drive with extra caution. all have more details on the flood advisories show affecting the east bay hot indefinitely expected for the urban areas. the rain will start to taper off as we head into the afternoon but we are looking at the possibility for thunderstorms to reach for
7:34 am
you have changes a bit near friday forecast. >>: let's continue our team coverage. kron4's mike pelton is live and san jose. my god they're watching your shot with a minute davis claimed almost buckets of mud. >>: you can see all morning long they've made significant progress. so much rain and was pounding here right in front of the asap center if originally they thought and old, was just getting over worked. however, they checked for leaks in one of the lanes. they found a lot of leaves of locking that water in the past 45 minutes. the clear those leaves and adjutancy all that rain has been drained. this caused big problems for if so trucks
7:35 am
then the then the rest. however public works crews have been here throughout the morning. ask them how much longer before this can reopened to traffic. they said it could be a few more hours. >>: the rain has actually subsided quite a bit. we've actually investing some snow poking through here. so an investor to come down again and loan called once more.
7:36 am
when i hear something this early like for our delays that to their reporting that it is a problem.
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come back to the kron4 morning news at 739 we've been tracking hot spot for most of the morning air right now and again at a very slow ride was a bomb that the drive time has come to for over 22 minutes for a hayward foster city. we bit incident free of unspent was pavement and high wind conditions. according to the changeable message design grid >>: >>: tie how cameras are showing a lot of snow falling right now. this is from tahoe toll via dot com. all the way of cans. but got alpine meadows and this lead and is showing quite a bit of snow falling. squaw valley also showing up lots of snow falling. we also have winter weather advisories in effect through
7:41 am
the winter storm warnings. definitely going to get more of a little bit of snow. it looks like it's also slowing and north star. good conditions but giving up a mighty tough. you will want to bring your chain. >>: liven the weather center, we do have heavy rain in the bay area in fact a flood advisory is currently in effect through a 30 this morning carried out of about where exactly the rain is the heaviest coming up after the break. ♪
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[ male announcer ] spring is calling. get sta-green fertilizer now just $8 at lowe's. ♪ 744 we are covering are wall-to-wall storm coverage. kron4's jackets of so has that live in san rafeal all morning long giving us different perspective so at least the no. let distain of. we all have strong glance. >>: no wins right now. you could probably see from some of the trees out here. don't put all that umbrella just yet. a couple minutes ago i said that the rain has let up and is starting to pick up again how here. that's caught in this story all morning long. the rain actually started 10:00 last night and i know for those of us who live in the north bay you can really hear the wind and rain come down and lasted throughout the night and into the morning. that's when it was about as heavy
7:45 am
as i had to sing it. if i'm talking starting to let up a little bit. a lot of standing water on. i know we've all been waiting for this rain to come. as you go around the north ave you may encounter some traffic signals that are down because right now there are about 5000 customers without power in the bay area and the north ave. that's the worst spot for cottages right now. >>: right now it's know when to speak of the just rain and it's coming straight down as i'm looking up, it's almost on cue. you could see the winds started to blow a little bit to hold their st. louis started to see a little wind picked up in the north ave.
7:46 am
>>: sure enough heavy rain pushing into danville and san ramon. looks like the heaviest rain now east of san jose to a downtown san jose, and san jose mineta
7:47 am
and the process of drying up. i would be surprised if the nationals of six service center expanded. but like the rain will taper off through the day into the 9:00 hour. perhaps some heavy rain for napa and vallejo. you'll see the ram will start to let up as your head into the afternoon. in fact by three today was a dry conditions for the calls line and into the north ave. but it o'clock tonight big impact here friday plans. that will carry us into the early saturday morning. we did still have a high wind advisory in effect for a lot of the bay area. could see gus of 2 5 mi. per hour.
7:48 am
we've already seen trees down. here's track 7 day around the bay forecast. again asat weather will carry us into the weekend. good news is it won't be as busy. look like lucy drier conditions. >>: tracking hot spot right now most weather related we've been and to that free world recess stop and go traffic care right in the middle of the screen. dumbarton bridge also with a wind advisory but the traffic here is not nearly as slow this year. bart still love each on transit.
7:49 am
to 30 minutes delays coming across bart to. systemwide through the trans bay to. one of our viewers at what had over to the traffic map some of these and other issues for you like flooding on the 280 extension has cesar chavez of the has traffic backed up to 280 north bound. we still have heavy traffic on 680 in the southbound direction. this should be about a 13 minute drive times with more than twice the normal and root time from convert down to walnut creek that's a route to avoid. the chp and 87 ed
7:50 am
taylor street where flooding has shut the wrong way down. it turns out that the southbound lanes are still affected. there are still flying to buy coverage >>darya: thanks a lot george. earlier this morning in person was hit and became trapped under a bus in walnut shriek. kron4's terisa estacio by pitcher of, the police responding. this was westbound. although lanes on estacio valley had to be shut down so there were traffic jams earlier this morning because of that to traffic diverted over to civic drive. all lanes are back open now and we don't know what the situation of how this person was hit by the bus. >>: you can send in your pictures of any affect.
7:51 am
these are some of the latest shots coming android send them to kron4. >>anny: the chp has barely good about updating their tweets. bay area to their feet. they've been up talking about the real time and are active map. i assure you that in just a minute. also reported heavy rainfall near rodeo and gilroy of the intersection of highway 101. and this also was surely no. we're watching out for that. speaking of the interactive local storm reports in this is a good map. i was looking at some of the reports and a lot of them are kind of
7:52 am
focused around the peninsula as for the south bay and san jose including this one right here. kron4's reporting flooding they did have some reports of wind damage and some down trees and oakley and contra costa county where there is a tree blocking. let's check of the chp contra costa twitter feed and they just said we should watch out for a tree down blocking lanes at march creek road of hand there valley because of the storm. the loss of and to in all sorts of accidentally along when i heard there were more than 50 accident to the chp was actively dealing with this morning because a lot of rain that was falling. and darya mentioned you should send and your of photos to us. they're starting a little hashtag
7:53 am
called hashtag asove been the jt are producers boots. >>: here's the thing. why you're not supposed to take pictures while you drive, and to the mills and text messaging, there's been a great area appeared in state appeals court says it is legal for you to read a map on your hand-held cell phone when you're driving behind the wheel. the ruling made yesterday reverses the conviction of a man from fresno name stevens bricks. he got a ticket to in january 2012 because it was looking at the map on his iphone 4 while he was stuck in traffic. he challenged the $165 fine print one to the court. the judges say the law prohibiting people from talking on their cell phones without a handsfree device does not apply to looking at maps on your
7:54 am
cellphone 3 chp officers as while it might be it legal to reach your maps while driving that does not mean it is necessarily safe. >>: anything that draws your attention from what you're doing what you're driving is on stage. yet the full >>: what they say it is if you're going to be looking for directions get that all said before you get into the car and then if you have to look at the map. 754 is the time period will be back with more of your driving conditions around the bay and and just a couple of minutes here's a live look from your roof. we'll be [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf... is more fun than ever. sees better than ever.
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this is the bay area's new station. a kron4 news at eight starts now. >>: we have our team coverage of the storm this morning. i live here and the traffic center because the rain is really affecting the commute and we have flooding now. >>george: it is in san francisco and san jose. we've had this problem on the guadalupe parkway all morning. we got away but it did not treat its north bound on this 280 extension essays are chavez and the flooding there. this is an area that typically floods, the storm drains get overwhelmed. it's backed up to the 280 extension 101
8:01 am
north bound. and it's backed up the ride coming out of daly city and the northbound direction of where earlier it had only been slowed from monterrey. this is a 32 minute drive time to get to sixth street from daly city. that's more than twice the normal commute time even during traffic hours. it's a really rough ride for 280 and it's really not much in the wake of options. judge- way of options. let's hear. what of the south bay. there's been flooding on the guadalupe parkway since the early morning hours. the southbound lanes at taylor has the northbound lanes have them locked as well but they have been reopened to updae on bart still dealing with major problems here system wide delays of 20 to 30 minutes. they're having to switch in manual mode
8:02 am
through the trans bay to. bart says these problems are not " specifically weather related. ". nevertheless, there are delays there and it is raining. darya? >>darya: we don't know if this accident was weather related but definitely a messy drive for you this morning over at highway 24 after a deadly accident. this is a look from earlier when it happened with our helicopter partnership with abc seven news and from the ground we have kron4's will tran was been there all morning long and he has the very latest >>will: if you're driving into san francisco from contra costa county, this is what you're looking at. it could see traffic picking up westbound highway 24 with those headlights. we've seen the increase. more importantly as resume in you could see the lights that just the raindrops in front of the headlights. it is
8:03 am
really coming down hard right now. we already saw a daily car accident around 515 in the morning and now with the wind picking up ahead of the morning commute, just remind yourself gets plenty of space between cars as the rain at big drops are coming down and i purposely did not wear my hat just to show you how hard it is at this moment three reporting from highway 24 will tran kron4 news. >>darya: we have crews all around the bay who say that the rain is coming and going throughout the morning, erica? >>erica: that is right. we have some areas of pretty heavy rain throughout the bay area. nevada under the gun dealing with moderate showers street that will continue to highway 37. over and the east bay we did see some breaks in the livermore valley. it looks like the release contending with some light rain and drier conditions in san francisco. we saw some heavy downpour just 15 minutes ago. keep in mind orientation of the system. the shower approach
8:04 am
from the south make its way to the north east. looks like we have tried some things out. the some light rain crossing the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. looks like san jose itself is dry right now. in terms of rainfall totals, san francisco with that last a burst of heavy rain that we just saw, not flirting with nine tenths of an inch of rain. about three-quarters of an inch for oakland. were not officially above an inch in the santa rosa area just in the past and the four hours but we do have a flood advisory in effect until 830. i talk about who's the most affected by this coming up in just a couple of minutes. >>darya: thanks erica. our team coverage continues with mike pelton who's in san jose. looks like they've reopened it. they got that flooding all cleaned up it looks like? the >>: ps darya. and they've managed to clean everything up every open the street.
8:05 am
this comes after water nearly taunted just below this caltran to bridge for the past four or five hours. originally cruise the fog that the old pump was to blame for it and instead they had a whole bunch of leaves called an to the rain the drain. this caused a lot of problems for drivers this morning. take a look at pictures from the san mateo fire department. emergency crews responded and found one of that attempted to pass. another driver came partially entering the water which they say when three to 4 ft. deep in which is way to be to drive through. officers help to stop drivers to safety. >>: we had an officer who was assisting the first driver out of the water to see if they were ok. the second person stop that was able to get out of their vehicle. >>: both of vehicles. we have to call a tow truck.
8:06 am
>>: public works crews have been on the scene for the past three or four hours. once they got that water to drain this what all of the leaves. the sweep cleaner came through as public works crews how you stop this from happening again, they tell you really can't. they swept out the leaves but as the rain picks up once again and those give back in the drain, it could be another instance of pond water here blancs santa clara street. >>: i have to separate looking at that underpass. they've done a beautiful job. " so very good to see traffic growing there again but like mike said, watch out for puddling and pounding. and most importantly, don't drive through it. >>:
8:07 am
an s-u-v. carrying a man and a little girl. scarred with bullet holes after shots were fired on a busy bay area freeway. shutting down rush hour traffic. a group of san francisco police officers are off the job and expected in federal court this morning. south bay and east bay both have about 600 or more pg&e customers who have no power right now in san francisco just a little of fact with 109 customers. pg&e is working to get power restored to those areas. stay attuned to kron4 for the very latest as our team coverage continues and you are a part of our team by sending us your weather shot. maybe you have some
8:08 am
damage or maybe just on rain or deep puddles you can show us in these shops and people have been sending and around the bay area. we will continue to share those group are facebook pages as well. that's an easy way or you can e-mail to them at a breaking news at kron4 dot com. saw is r, blisteryrash and felthis rrib pain oneide of my ck. i ha16 mic sws tdo. saw is r, blisteryrash ai di'knowow ias going to bableo dohese shows withhis nd of i hain tt i was in. saw is r, blisteryrash i to my fe wt i d.
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>>george: caltran had a eighth train that have some mechanical problems that broke down and this all down direction so they're having to do some single tracking that accounts for 30 minutes delays. but could affect your north bound ride as well. >>: take a look of a new video we have. if you can see any ski. >>: this is coming from kirkwood. they got another 16 in. of snow and the they are expecting another three to 5 ft. of snow by the end
8:12 am
of this weekend. >>erica: we have colder unstable air for the system. full details on here friday forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes.
8:13 am
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[uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah?
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8:17 am
>>: let's take a look at transit for you. where we've been experiencing major problems this morning. first it was lombardi which has a limited service through this translates to the. that's because of equipment problems.
8:18 am
>>erica: the morning. it's very went over at the richmond san rafael bridge because we had a cell containing some pretty heavy rain in making its way through the area. storm tracker 4 shows we are actually starting to dry out around the bay area. these rain soaked cells continue to work their way north. that's going to affect your ride in highway 101 agreed heavier rain right now and the antioch area. highway 4. the willow past. looks like
8:19 am
san francisco is of a drive. won't run into any problems across the bay bridge. a few sprinkles right now in oakland and san san leandro three just a few patchy showers of those of you in downtown san jose grid were looking for try to drier weather for the rest of the day. none of this eye to of this afternoon. you're heading out to lunch. it won't be nearly as intense as what we've already experienced. drive breaks. dry weather will continue on as we head into the evening hours. stay out much later ticket look at the overnight hours bridge looks like the rain returns varied for dealing with wet weather. we do have a winter weather advisory in effect for the sierra nevada until 10:00.
8:20 am
we could accum another 2 in.. carried those chains. we do have a winter storm warning in effect until late saturday evening. futures 7 day around the bay forecast. keep those umbrellas handy. we are looking at a slight chance of rain towards the middle of next week. >>: social media has been checking with the national weather service chp and have no affirmation for you. thus check out the twitter page for the end of the u.s. bay area. they just weeded out a couple minutes ago the strong wins for the big sur coast. they're actually tracking this weather here that will show more rancor it a little further down there talking about the grid
8:21 am
which means a thunderstorm chances delays at airports including sfo are being looks like were sent for the last hour or so. this is also real time interactive the one that i found interesting was a ride along los gatos a report of wind gusts. in fact 751 this morning we had a measure in los gatos creek elevations. the chp contra costa twitter feed also fairly active this morning. and they've been tracking a lot of accidents including their most recent tweets and " and " a tree that was down. m marsh creek road and your valet. looks
8:22 am
like they've been a very her busy. we are tracking a couple hashtag concluding bay area rain. including saudi selfish. if you have any >>: >>: i was trying to take pictures of my kids with them my phone was getting wet. >>: a 22 right now and we will be back with more team coverage of the storm as we continue to track its effect on your commute this morning. ticket and live look at storm tracker 4 and you can see now that those major yellow sales which is the heaviest rain are up to the north. we will be right back.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
a 25 right now and take a look at this. an accident that ended around 130 this morning were a car hydroplaned and ended up rolling over. you concede there that is unless you've been. before you know you're crushed like this. this is on north bound to 80 and in the city just north of
8:26 am
haiti. rose are dangerous this morning. if it's not the puddling and hydroplaning. if it could be another accident that you must look out for. if it to that the flooded out tried to drive through it you can give stuck. this is in the excelsior district rolling into a building. a guy took off and then came back. so an interesting accident there. minor damage to the building but you can see again this was a mess of it. harrington at 18th street and the mission. a rollover their as you can see that white car right there. crows cleaning up after that one. of the storm also affecting flights at sfo 27 are
8:27 am
arriving. and those mostly. but california and oregon. still so many delays >>: if you have any wind or rain rain damage that you like to share with us that will assure those on the air and on our web site kron4 dot com as well. the
8:28 am
very top of the jericho with the latest forecast. this is really popular with folks who like to go kron4 dot com. once the next round coming. even see this is real real time. the other big definitely great resource to have. of fog of we saw will that's the storm
8:29 am
that came through and at very low pressure along with that cold front and that's a pretty interesting and nicely defined. >>: a lot of high moisture content very heavy downpour to us. time now is a a 29 the kron4 morning news [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
8:30 am
hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. ♪
8:31 am
31 right now the storm continues. the rain causing a massive long drive times. >>: of one of the big surprises was that 24 commute to treat pfft they
8:32 am
went away. it's back now. without the accident. now 29 minutes from one of creek to hear. the >>: or near the peak. it is a friday. it's the plane. people have to slow down. that's not a bad thing. this drive time on a typical friday would be about 26 to 29 minutes and now it's 42. even the commute through the san ramon valley 23 minutes very the good news here is no incidents or problems to slow the that ride. half an hour to go from to 38 into downtown oakland >>: people must understand that you have to leave earlier. 30 minutes earlier today i felt good. i wasn't
8:33 am
under pressure bridge south the freeways here actually look good. this drive time is a little less than normal bridge we will hear more about more from mike pelton. of 39 minutes out of the bottle surprisingly quite different no problems there. when they cleared up. south of central san rafael out to tender on bridge the size geezer train delays systemwide. the actual passenger delays could be significantly longer so they are behind schedule >>erica: storm tracker 4 showing a lot of that have here rain exiting the bay
8:34 am
area. closer to santa rosa right now the some light rain. spotty showers for the san ramon valley. although you will need to use we are dry right now here in san francisco. no rain to deal with for those of you leaving the house. into the afternoon we are looking at a slight chance for a thunderstorm which when the advisory in effect until 12:00 this morning and logs and we will continue with link rain showers. the deficit went up saturday morning. all have the full details on your extended forecast the 7 day around the bay coming up at 845.
8:35 am
>>: with the rain that causes flooding and other challenges. march is an option but not this morning because there are systemwide delays to the date for riders. and that's because of equipment problems. kron4's terisa estacio is live for now without commuters are coping. >>: the delays are right now are stretching anywhere from 20 minutes to 30 minutes for the many commuter's tell me that they have been hoping for a smooth ride. by taking public transit. of commuter's tell me that today are quite frustrated.
8:36 am
>>: what you do under the circumstances for it >>: i just wait. unfortunately this is kind of to of bart. that all bart officials are saying that today are predicting that these delays are going to be stretching from around the morning tree here along a creek terisa estacio
8:37 am
coming up rob. you combine this water with the wind in this combined system blows through. that could be a real a real problem. lots of trees and those gray areas. the brown did saturate the ground is saturated the wind picks up and asking me disasters for. for the most part we have a
8:38 am
scene right out here for about a half-hour. 45 minutes. i'm not putting away the rain gear yet because as soon as i do it comes down and dump on me to >>: are you wearing shorts? unds i am. >>: your kid is learning shorts to school is a heat >>: i'm assuming he is. they actually have to walk to school. so they walk with their umbrella in their shorts. >>: thanks allot jacki.
8:39 am
8:40 am
these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives.
8:41 am
discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive. >> while come back. snow will pick up later on this morning. alpine meadows has of their web cam image. there is a little bit of ice on the camera lens. squaw valley is showing off their snowy conditions. keep in mind that you should have your chains. snow levels are
8:42 am
about six out of sea. the summit may get up to 2,000 ft.. >> the time is 8:41 a.m.. we will be right back. here is a live look outside at the san mateo bridge. things are looking up. the deck is still wet but you can see the sun is try to come out. alig >> for get thinking outside of the box. we will tell you more coming up in the tech report.
8:43 am
8:44 am
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♪ mattress discounters >> welcome back. gadgets are getting smarter and faster every day. even though we might not be able to see into the future, and rich demuro talks to a guy who doesn't for a living. >> this is my job to look 10 to 15 years in the future and model how people will act. >> you have built with intel for 10 years. tell me more. >> 10 years ago, people thought i was crazy. why would you ever want to watch tv or movies on your phone? >> that is the wonderful
8:46 am
world that we live in now, you can use your phone to watch television. you could use your pc to make a phone call. this is the future. >> the future is not something we're run into. the future is every day by the actions of people. >> the future has properties of but it also is a diverse and just like people are diverse. >> gadgets will start tepid disappear by 2020. the size of the components that go inside of your gadgets. as a computer, etiquette optimizing. it will make people were injured and. >> i want to hang out with him. i want to hang out with
8:47 am
scientists rely the invited me to be a part of this. we go when transform in loss angeles, how do we go and take a community and get as much fun and transform that. over the past three years, we have been able to really put a great numbers. >> we have been able to raise their graduation rate to 97%. >> that is awesome. >> investing and our students is one way to insure a bright future. i am a big component of that. if you want to learn more about this just go to our websites. >> welcome back. we continue to track hotspots and there is a new one for eastbound 5
8:48 am
a. take a look. we have in the non commute direction and accident that has backed up the traffic all the way to castro valley. that is at 42 minute trip across 238. interstate 580 that issue up the dublin great. that is mostly commercial traffic but on friday it may be something different. that is a big delay and that may make you want to think about heading south to 152. tracking your ride through the south bay, the south bay freeway is the one well, this drive time is 26 minutes is actually less and the trip to cupertino is great and so is 85 in the northbound direction. the guadalupe parkway is still a problem of flooding. >> the ride to the bay
8:49 am
bridge, was bound although is looking good, 580 is still backed up. that is over 22 minutes. west 24 is heavy bleeding from a children's hospital. the san mateo bridge is no longer stop and go but 18 minutes. before your trip to the richmond san rafael, no backups in the westbound direction. >> a quick transit up to it, we're still looking at problems for your ride on board. coming to the transfer it to, 30 minute delays. they had an equipment problem and we're still having problems on cal tran trend. while this problem was in the south, it could be experienced both ways. >> storm tracker 4 is showing most of the rain is an accident and the bay. we had very heavy downpours
8:50 am
with rain coming down in buckets. portions of highway 101 heavy iran, right now just in walnut creek pripet it is going north and ms. c heavy rain with the next 15 minutes. dry in sampras's go, oakland has no problems. the rest of the bay is is still cloudy conditions. it continues to work east, dry road for downtown san jose. >> the rainfall totals, pretty impressive. heavy rain over an inch for santa rosa. half an inch for sfo and half moon bay. we are flooded with about an inch iran for concord area. scattered showers throughout friday. by 12th, light rain is expected. heavy rain is out of here. by 3:00 p.m. a
8:51 am
dry breaks for the coast. as we head into the evening, cloudy conditions no rain will be a factor. another wave of rain overnight. we have wind advisories before a lot of the area and gust up to 45 mi. per hour. we're still dealing with power outages. here is the seven day are around the bay. unsettled weather for the weekend or partial clearing as we start the next work with. the time is 8:51 a.m.. will be right back. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
8:52 am
hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. ♪
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8:54 am
>> a state appeals court sestet it is a lega legal for
8:55 am
drivers to read a map on their hand-held cell phone while they are behind the wheel. a ruling that was made yesterday reversed the conviction of steven spriggs of fresno who was ticketed in january 2012 for looking at a map on his phone while he was driving. he challenged his $165 fine with the appellate court. the judge said that the law prohibiting people from talking on their cell phone without a handsfree device does not apply to looking at a map on their phone. the chp officers say it might be legal to read a map while driving but it does not make it safe. >> the chp recommends that
8:56 am
drivers amount their phone where reading the map will not block their view of the road. all so that one drivers to set their information to their fall before the start to drive. >> but with the weather caused the me realize the the bay bridge to a slowdowthe wets weather caused e metering lights at the bay bridge to slow down. normally when a car pulls up to a red meter light, it only takes a few seconds to turn green. yesterday's drivers were reporting that they had to wait longer than normal. caltran says the allies were taking longer and normal because of the wet weather. >> caltran is also asking that people do not throw trash on to the road way
8:57 am
because the garbage can block up the storm drains. >> i will have details of block up the storm drains. >> i will have details of the heavy rain coming up. ♪ me d yo.. block up the storm drains. >> i will have details of the heavy rain coming up. irarlli uarechocate... a ltle ndezus savor r luiousilli coinedith r sl melng ccola. ♪ that ttleewarfor l e thgs y do.♪ onlyrom irarlli.
8:58 am
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8:59 am
>> this is a new accident what eastbound, the non commute direction. and has managed, there is it the vehicle blocking lanes. look at what it has done. it is blac about a 14 minute commute. this is not commute direction, this
9:00 am
is almost a lay tracks core hat into central valley but on friday, there may be get away traffic. that is why you should use 152. you can come this way to avoid the back up. >> we're having problems with flooding, first as san francisco, northbound 280 and caesar job as. the traffic is backed up into daly city. 24 minutes. we are still experiencing flooding on guadalupe parkway south bound to taylor. >> the bay bridge, at the toll plaza, things are opening up of 580 is still backed up into the macarthur mayes. >> there are major delays for the bart system because there's a problem in their transit bake too. south about rail traffic for caltran is also backed up.
9:01 am
they have to single track, they're looking at 30 minute delays. >> on friday, if your headed out, we have break few stray showers but nothing compared to the heavy rain was hour earlier this morning. i 1 01, reuter on a bottle we have light rain. also through san ramon, take a look at portions of highway 4 we're just to let light conditions. we are dry in san francisco and we do have rain to the south. most of us are just having cloudy conditions. it looks like the rate is gone for now but we do have showers that will come through. we have a lot of unstable air mass is coming. we may see a pop-up thunderstorm for the afternoon. >> we may see lightning strikes but mostly cloudy conditions. your highs for
9:02 am
today will only be in the upper 50's to low 60's. we will continue with what weather for tomorrow i will break down your extended forecast coming up. >> team coverage on the rain this morning. and how it's affecting traffic. kron 4's mike pelton is live in san jose now. mike, we hear this is flash flooding in the area? >> this is northbound 87 at the offer of. you can sit a large puddle of water that is blocking the area. the water has subsided but this is a another issue,, the water. we saw a couple of drivers who were stuck. before that, we saw another driver and the chp stated that he lost control and he wound up crashing. all of
9:03 am
these incidents, no injuries but you add this to the mix, we have a large pool water. northbound 87 at taylor street, this is causing not too much of a back up but they tell me that they hope to have this real combined 11:00 a.m.. >> a deadly accident this morning on highway 24 in oakland. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news of the accident on west bound 24 near 51st street. it happened just before 5 o clock. one person was killed. >> the scene cleared by 6-30 this morning. the c-h-p is investigating. they have this all cleared but the traffic was much better.
9:04 am
>> here is a look at some power outages around the bay area. according to p-g-and-e thousands are without power right now. in the north bay- 52 hundred. in the south bay- 630 in the east bay- 620 in san francisco- 109 7am outage numbers nb 5200 sb 630 eb 620 sf 109 pen 10 >> the storm is affecting flights at s-f-o as well this morning. this is a live look at the airport. so far the airport's reporting 57 cancellations as of 7:30 a-m. 30 departure flights and 27 arriving flights. we're told most of these flights affected are the short-hall flights in california and oregon. currently there are no delays to report at oakland or san jose airports. check with your carrier before heading to airport >> we are tracking to order
9:05 am
for the various agencies for responding to calls. especially, we have been watching the national weather service, the bay area to winterfeed, they have been very good about giving us a lot of information. here is their latest. thunder was heard near monterey. the chp stated highway one near-- also, they spoke about lightning strike in overland this towards the monterey coastline. they are getting pictures, images of the storm. that also issued a warning. also they talk about the possibility of a it water spot possible. >> the chp has been very
9:06 am
busy. there pleading for people to slow down. watch out for hydro planning and also talked about current texting and talking on the phone. they wanted to know that you can still be cited for unsafe speeding. >> the contra cause the is alscontra costa up the permit is also opposing things online. we also have been using the hasthtag for people to send in their portfolios. >>photos. >> coming up on the kron 4
9:07 am
morning news. our top story this morning is the rain. here's a look at storm tracker. here's a look at storm tracker. or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card gets you deals you can't find anywhere else. right now, breakfast is on. oscar mayer bacon is only $3.99. rise and shine with simply orange oj, just $2.98. and oikos greek yogurt is only a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today.
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9:09 am
>> welcome back. we are tracking a hot spot. a multi car crash on interstate 580 in the non commute direction as foot hill. it
9:10 am
has been an alliance for a while. this 42 minutes is actually climbing. my latest check shows 50. the drive time is continuing to build. >> earlier this morning, a person was hit and became trapped under a bus in walnut creek. kron 4's terisa estacio snapped this photo of the police response. this happened around 7 this morning on westbound ygnacio valley road at civic drive. all lanes on ygnacio valley had to be shut down, causing heavy traffic jams. traffic was diverted to civic drive instead. all lanes are now back open. no word on how the victim hit by that bus. is doing this morning. >> if you have a lot of heavy rain or wind. or storm damage in your area, we'd love to see it. us from across the bay area. e-mail your video or photos to breaking news at kron four dot com. or you can post them online on our facebook and twitter pages.
9:11 am
>> live in the weather center. we have showers that are pushing out. more wet weather is coming. full of details coming up.
9:12 am
9:13 am
>> continuing our team coverage, kron four's jackie sissel is live in san rafael.
9:14 am
>> this is actually just the puddles that i was shooting. you can see this patch. we actually have not seen in eight rain in the last hour. this is what it was looking like earlier. i arrived here about 3:30 a.m.. it was pouring. basically, for anyone living here, they can tell you that it's started about 10:00 p.m.. it went all through the night. it was raining pretty hard until about 7:38 a.m.. we did get a lot of rain. i know this is not saying much. it was consistent for hours but we are starting to
9:15 am
get a little dent in the area so far as i look off to the east. >> first we want to get a look at the traffic. >> we have been tracking and a hot spot and dublin at foothill. there was a multi car crash and the drive time is continuing to climb. 62 minutes from the nimitz freeway out to the dublin interchange. this is unbelievable. that is when you shut avoided. there is slugging it tine up the ride on an daly city. we have
9:16 am
been hearing from mike pelton about a problem with flooding that has affected ride in both directions. looking at the bridges, westbound, there is still not much of day improvement, it is much better for the 880 approach. 580 is still slow. the 92 ride is still a congested. traffic is slower than usual. your ride to the richmond san rafael bridge is no longer a backup. it
9:17 am
>> it is a little windy
9:18 am
outside. 21 mi. per hour winds for half moon bay. we are still dealing with power outages. high wind advisor in affect and of course, if you have any photos here is the seven day of around the bay. drier conditions by sunday. we will see parlay cloudy conditions for the next work week. >> chain requirements are also in effect for highway 50, 80 and 2-67 >> you can see they have cones outside. take a look to this. they have leaks at the civic center station. they have a book is out, garbage recycling bins and read all the ground to soak up the water. a worker there tells kron4 that whenever
9:19 am
it rise in leaks. >> >> and video out of lake tahoe to show you. showing the great skiing conditions in the sierra. this is video courtesy of kirkwood mountain resort. the area got another 16 inches of new snow over the last 24 hours with more expected in the forecast.helping fill in all the nooks and crannies on the mountain. the resort is expecting another three to five more feet of snow before the end of the weekend. you can see people are lining up. they are ready to get up there. also taken a look a squaw valley. you can see people are getting ready. they are also sang
9:20 am
requirements and affect. if you're gonna be heading up their pc carrier chains. winter weather and buys a rate is in affect. iran will turn into a small. the snow will be have it drop the day and this evening. >> take a looked at this satellite image showing the water vapor over the west coast. you concede just how much of it is covering parts of the country. >> coming up on kron 4 news
9:21 am
career will take a look at the storm and how it has progressed this morning. open. there are a lot of delays at sfo.
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>> lets take a look at how this storm has progressed around the bay area this morning. here are pictures of a car stuck in stockton and taylor streets in san jose around 6 this morning. a driver tried to make it through the heavily-flooded area. these streets are now closed. santa clara and cahill
9:25 am
streets are also closed due to flooding right now. >> then in the 5 o-clock hour. this was the scene in larkspur. you can see we had flooding near 101. that flooding has only increased with more rain. >> at 4 am. we showed you this downed tree - 37th at lincoln near ocean beach. crews were busy this morning trying to clear it. here is a double live look at the conditions outside right now. on the left, storm tracker four. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza on the >> you can always e-mail your pictures to was a breaking nilnews
9:26 am
>> >> a frightening scene on interstate 580 in castro valley as a driver should said and ask you be with a man and a young girl inside. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. it happened during yesterday's evening commute on 580 at 238. police said that the suspect it bioko, described as a silver ford focus, pulled up next to the car and fired five to six shots. the offer was shut down for about an
9:27 am
hour in traffic was backed up to the dublin grade. many drivers stuck in the back of new they would be there for a while. >> it is unclear whether the suspect and the victim knew each other. >> traffic is still backed up in the westbound direction. there was a wind advisory for the span earlier.
9:28 am
9:29 am
in >> welcome back. the time is 9:29 a.m.. on the left- hand side you can see storm tracker 4 and most of rain has stopped. maybe this is just a residual effect. >> things have calmed down over much of the bay area
9:30 am
except for the areas where we have problems on interstate 580 surprisingly the westbound ride is not backed up the ball into dublin. it is this eastbound ride where we have had a nine car crash. that is where things are backed up. there was a--we may continue with this. i think we will see these drive times continued to diminish. also go we have the delays on the the the bay bridge in the westbound direction. as for a while the backup was starting to disappear but we're back up into the macarthur mayes. we are still tracking delays on
9:31 am
the transit on both cal trans and barred. they are still subject to a major delays. what all of this going into place. there is just no way that they can avoid this. there are still recovering from this that was out of service. they have had this and maybe that is why there are delays. >> storm tracker 4 is showing dry conditions. we're also saying partial clearing and we may have breaks of sunshine as we go on to the afternoon we will have thunderstorms and the temperatures are malay in the east. we do have a wind
9:32 am
advisory for most of the bay we have a lingering showers possible drying up for a sunday and the chance for showers and i will highlight the first coming up. >> it is want to be a very long day. but do not let that sort deal because it will be a long day because it just this morning we're talking about 67 cancelled
9:33 am
flights in and out of sfo. here is video that i just shot. it looks like things have been switched bad that when you come to the airport you will see a normal sun. that is pretty much across the board because they have 58 minutes to 3 to 4 hours but what they will deal see if they can consolidate these people and they expect this to be bad all what day. keeping in mind these are two of the hott hardest hit areas.
9:34 am
>> you still want to check ahead. our team coverage we. there has spent a flash flooding creeks to this is this is forcing them to oil they tell me the there is a day prominent this is just a
9:35 am
laundry list and i know . a couple of cars were stuck. >> did not go into something that looks like it will be a depot. we want to show you how it has cleared. >> gabe slate shot this picture. you might think where is the storm. it was before crazy. there were
9:36 am
equipment problems >> kron four's terisa estacio is at the walnut creek bart station. with more on how commuters are coping. >> at many commuters are stating that they have been hoping for a small riot by taking public transit but, that is not going to happen. with this problem the trans the bay to slowing things down most commuters tell me that they're quite frustrated. >> of course, it is frustrating. >> what do you do in these circumstances. bart
9:37 am
officials are same vat these are born to bear in >> we will be right back. you will see most of the rain has mold out. we will have more on the h,z/
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>> there is flooded it then the south bay and the south
9:41 am
bond ride is backed up all the way to san jose international airport. we have heard from kron4 mike pelton about the problem and the crews have had to clear the high standing order. >> live in the weather center. we have a few showers. these are predominately in the south bay. we are completely dry in the north bay and i will have great full details coming up in just a few minutes.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
>> welcome back. the time is 9:44 a.m.. we have had team coverage all morning long with the right a tire. jackie is live in san rafael. >> i am still in pants. that is a good nils. the good nils is that the rain has stopped and you concede some of the puddling is still
9:45 am
here but we are starting to see a few patches of blue skies. when i ride about 3:30 a.m., it was absolutely pouring. in fact, it started about 10:00 p.m. last night and continued all the way as since then we have not seen much in the way of rain. a little bit of when but things are starting to dry out. some of the drainage, but for but mercer'the most pard most of it is gone for now. >> how about in the traffic? >> interstate 580 was a multi car accident that we have been tracking pripet lanes are been cleared in the eastbound on direction
9:46 am
because are red was on the maps the drive time was as 68 minutes is down to 38 minutes. i do not think it will take you longer. flooding for the guadalupe parkway and it has been like this is the broad cast began. mike pelton has been. >> lookit at the bridge's first ave bridge ride, westbound is not getting out. it is a 20 minute drive time especially coming from highway 24, the san mateo bridge, there is another matter. for your ride through the richmond san rafael bridge, your westbound commute, it is even trying out a bit at the toll plaza. still no improvements for bart's. we
9:47 am
are still experiencing major delays of up to 30 minutes. passenger delays that are long gone. we are still recovering from earlier problem spread >> over to the weather center. let's find out how much rain for the rest of the day. >> although we did see a dry breaks for the past hour storm tracker 4 is shown and light rain for the south bay. moderate rain across falling. light rain for the mid peninsula ride pripet this system will continue to break down futurecast 4 shows that we have light rain drops for today. cloudy conditions along the coast.
9:48 am
i do not figure friday night plans will be affected. the rent would not be a concern. another or whether is headed and we will continue to track this as will break up early saturday. a wind advisory is still the fact that we may still see gusted to 45 mi. per hour. we're still did a widespread power outages. if you have a photo that you would like to send us go to breaking news@ >> we have dry conditions into next week. >> the rain and traffic problems had a lot of people frustrated. bart had delays for rider's this morning. we talk to commuters this morning as they were getting ready to go to the embarcadero station in san
9:49 am
francisco. >> it is beginning to be issues. this has my week pretty disappointed. >> these bart the delays have been every day for one reason or another. maligned all my go >> oh my god! i am getting tired of this. >> we were covering the weather all over the bay. we have a special case that is dedicated to storm coverage. >> one person wrote that bart is a tripping up today.
9:50 am
and another woman stated that it has been three days with three delays. so at lot of people are pretty frustrated. >> this person stated additional just walked to work. thanks, out bart, i still got to work late. >> so what seems like a lot of people are taking to twitter to us was their frustrations. >> you can go to our website at >> this is a special section that we have and if you click on here this will bring you to this page where you will see the forecast and also this is one of our most popular that people like to see, we will get this updated but the wind
9:51 am
speeds are also updated you can also downl our mobile app to keep track of the storm. >> the time is 9:51 a.m.. a state appeals court says it's legal for drivers to read a map on their hand- held cellphones while behind the wheel. a ruling made yesterday reverses the conviction of steven spriggs of fresno who was ticketed in january 2012 for looking at a map on his iphone 4 while stuck in traffic. spriggs challenged his $165 fine with the appellate court. stripethe judges say that the lw prohibiting people from talking on their cellphones without a hands-free device doesn't apply to looking at maps on cellphones.
9:52 am
>> but chp officers say it might be legal to read maps while driving. but it doesn't make it safe. >> any vendetta draws your attention when your driving is sunset. you have to focus on what you are doing. your priority is to control your car. >> the chp said the jewish amount your phone so it is not blocking your view and it state that you should get it ready, what you need directions for before you start driving. >> spot san francisco police officers are expected in federal court today after all five, plus a former
9:53 am
police officer were indicted by a federal grand jury. the group is accused of taking part in illegal raids. they allegedly stole money, drugs and other valuables and lied about a. these incidents raw caught on camera. >> in response, the chief stated that the five active- duty officers have been suspended without pay and their weapons have been confiscated. >> here's a live look outside. we will take a final look at the forecast we return.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> welcome back. here is a look as storm tracker 4 to prove to you that this storm has moved out of the area. this is something that we will keep track of on our website. >> we have a few showers right now and will continue to see rain until early saturday morning. partly
9:57 am
cloudy conditions, slightly warm for the start of next week but we may see more active weather. >> we are finally seen some improvements for a ride on bart. they are back on automatic mode of the trans bay to but they are still recording and delays. it is down to 50 to 20 minutes delays but the better knows is that they are now operating in automatic mode. >> thank you for joining us this friday morning. have a great weekend. see you back monday morning. ♪
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